$949 Two Hour Attorney Review

Many people who watch the free immigration videos on our USImmigrationLawyer YouTube Channel (one half a million and counting!!) feel uneasy sending in their paperwork to USCIS because they are not 100% confident that they have done everything correctly. If you are feeling this way, then the two hour immigration attorney review is a great way to get advice from an immigration lawyer without paying thousands of dollars for full attorney services.

Here is how it works:

  1. Call us at 303-481-3494 for a 15 or 60 min telephone consultation, or sign up and pay for the 2 hour form and document review service here.
  2. We will discuss your case and if you wish to hire us for the service, we will email you a contract for services, a checklist of documents and sample letters.
  3. Sign and return the contract with your payment and your available dates and times for our first of two meetings. I will confirm the time and date of our first meeting.
  4. Before our first meeting, scan and email to me your completed (or nearly completed) immigration forms and supporting documents.
  5. Our first meeting will usually last 90 minutes. I will call you go step by step and line by line with you through your forms and documents. We will communicate either via telephone or skype or some other video conferencing service.
  6. I will answer all of your questions and advise you on how to properly prepare your forms and documents. I will make a list of all of the suggested corrections and revisions.
  7. At the end of our session we will schedule a second meeting to go over all of your corrections and revisions and to make sure you have all of your questions answered about current processing times and any upcoming interviews.
  8. We will meet a second time for 30 minutes and I will give you the “OK” to mail off your paperwork.

This system has been designed to provide you with the best results at the best price. We provide this service for the following types of cases – to learn more click on the description that fits your situation: